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Real Estate Dental Fitout

Maybe you would like to be adjacent to a HUB facility and complimentary dental specialists – and yet remain more independent

With this in mind – from time to time

The HUB provides spaces for use for your own dental fit-out – with very competitive long-use options Then have a Button Brisbane Inner West Option

Periodontal Team

We believe in a team based approach to patient care

We keep the general dentist informed on progress

We provide regular reports and updates

We would be honoured to be part of your team as we believe the general dental practitioner holds the key role as the “central manager” for optimal patient care.

What is “Periodontitis” or “Periodontal disease” ?


In the following paragraphs the basic processes and possible treatment options for regaining optimal gum health will be provided. More detailed information will be provided during treatment by your clinician.

Periodontitis, Pyorrhoea (pronounced pie-re-ahh), Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease all refer to the same ailment. A gum infection caused by various bacteria found in your dental plaque. Periodontitis refers to “a deep bacterial infection of the gums”. This infection may lead to the progressive loss of attachment and support from the teeth. Without treatment this
eventually can lead to a person becoming “long in the tooth” and – if left untreated – can eventually cause the teeth to loosen, drift and fall out.