Excellent Opportunity to Obtain a Quality “Start Up” or “Branch” Practice – with NO initial outlay

The Hub Dental Specialist Centre has the vision to foster the development of a close knit network of dental specialists within a modern, purpose built dental specialist centre. The objective is to use the synergy of a team environment to build a reputation of excellence throughout each location in South-East Queensland. To be recognized for a focus on quality dental health management via the provision of an integrated approach to care delivery.

By bringing together a broad range of dental specialists the Dental Hub Specialist Centre provides a convenient integrated approach to treatment planning and is able to offer patients the convenience of a broad range of specialist dental services in one easily accessible location – a “one stop shop”.

The Dental Hub is looking for dental specialists to take advantage of our flexible practice solutions and join us on this mission.

Advantages of “HUB” facilities

Expand Your Geographic Referral Base

A greater number of dentists will be able to refer to you and appeal to a broader patient base.

Future Proof Your Practice

By expanding your branch options and geographical referral base size you will be busier across your business. This will give you greater security in a changing dental industry where many of the traditional referrers (small family owned dental businesses) are being swallowed up by ‘corporate dental businesses’ that do not as readily refer patients out of their doors (because they often buy in their own specialists – or have exclusive arrangements with certain specialists).

No Capital Outlay

With The Dental Hub you avoid the investment of at least $300,000 normally required to establish a branch practice (in fit-out) and the additional lock-in of an expensive lease for a facility only used 1 or 2 days a week. At The Dental Hub you only pay when you are using the facility (ie a “vanishing” overhead) and you are not locked in to any lease.

Collective Benefit

Local dentists are getting to know The Dental Hub and it makes their life easy to refer patients to the same place for all manner of dental specialist care. If they are unsure of the correct path of referral – they know that at The Dental Hub a parallel specialist is ‘just down the hall’. Patients also like this as they can have opinions from multiple dental specialists without having to travel all over the city.

Joint Marketing

There is potential for joint marketing across the specialist group. A smaller share of marketing costs to reach a larger potential referral base. Potential for joint continuing Education Events for referring dentists.

Beneficial Relationships

You get the ability to build strong collaborative relationships with other complimentary dental specialists and complex cases can be processed with minimal administration. You can walk down the hallway to see another specialist rather than a string of emails or letters back and forth. You can hone your individual specialists skills as you learn from others and broaden your understanding of the current research and advances in parallel dental specialist fields.