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What is “Periodontitis” or “Periodontal disease” ?


In the following paragraphs the basic processes and possible treatment options for regaining optimal gum health will be provided. More detailed information will be provided during treatment by your clinician.

Periodontitis, Pyorrhoea (pronounced pie-re-ahh), Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease all refer to the same ailment. This gum infection is caused by various bacteria found in your dental plaque. Periodontitis refers to “a deep bacterial infection of the gums”. This infection leads to the progressive loss of attachment and support from the supporting gum. Without treatment this eventually leads to a person becoming “long in the tooth” and – if untreated – will cause the teeth to loosen, drift and fall out.

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What Are The Symptoms For Periodontitis or Periodontal Disease?

In many cases, people aren’t actually aware of their potential gum problems. As such Periodontitis is popularly referred to as a “Silent Disease”. This being said there are actually many clinical signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of the disease.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Swollen, receded or very red gums that tend to bleed easily.
  • A bad taste or general malodour in one’s mouth. (Often more noticeable in the mornings)
  • Teeth drifting out of position or becoming loose
  • Rapid calculus (tartar) build up, sensitivity or food impaction.
  • When checking your gums as part of a normal dental check-up your dentist may notice “pockets” (gum attachment loss) or bone loss on your X-Rays.

How Do You Get "Periodontitis" or "Periodontal Disease"

Periodontitis is very common within the community. However, certain people are more susceptible to this problem. Although the cause of Periodontitis is quite complex – some people may have it in conjunction with other systemic illnesses. In other cases there may be a family history of early tooth loss or gum problems. Alternatively the disease can be accelerated through local factors and habits such as smoking or inadequate oral hygine. As such it can take some time to determine the exact cause for the problem in each particular patient. However, one factor that DEFINTIELY contributes to accelerating the problem is allowing plaque and calculus to build up. As such, regular thorough professional cleaning is central to people at risk of Periodontitis being able to keep their teeth.

How To Treat Periodontitis?

Thankfully Periodontitis isn’t all bad news as the disease usually responds very well to treatment. The steps involved in the treatment include:

A careful measurement and examination of tooth attachment levels;

  • Thorough removal of bacterial build up from under the gums through deep professional debridement
  • Home care regime help and support
  • Appointments for regular follow-up supportive care

In the majority of cases these steps will be enough to halt and manage any attachment loss problems associated with Periodontitis. While this treatment is effective, once you have been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease you will always be more susceptible to developing the ailment again. As such it is extremely important that you maintain your recommended supportive care schedule if you have had treatment for this problem. Otherwise it is possible that the bacteria that caused the Periodontitis will re-establish themselves and cause a general clinical relapse – mitigating any treatment benefits.

Your clinician will take you through a very thorough medical and dental history examination to try to locate any specific cause for your specific gum problems. A detailed examination of your teeth will then identify any current damage caused by the Periodontitis Additional X-rays may also be needed during the collection of this information. You and your clinician will discuss the findings and a targeted individual treatment plan with be prepared to best address your specific concerns.

How Uncomfortable Will Treatment Be?

During any deep cleaning procedure the gum area will be numbed with an anaesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort. If you have concerns about the procedure don’t hesitate to discuss it with the FDS clinician before commencing treatment. After your treatment is complete your teeth may be sensitive to ‘cold’ drinks or food items. This will usually quickly resolve over the next few days. In addition, some patients may notice gums becoming firmer or ‘shrinking’. Once again this is quite a normal post treatment healing phenomenon as the gums become less swollen, healthier and return to their proper shape.

What Does The Procedure Cost And How Long Does It Take?

During your first appointment at FDS your medical history will be reviewed and clinical dental data collected. Following this initial consultation appointment a detailed treatment plan – as well as a written quote outlining the treatment costs – will be provided. Depending on the extent and severity of your gum problem (and the time needed to treat the issue) there will then be a series of appointments scheduled. At each of these appointments a section of your mouth will be carefully and thouroughly debrided. The cost of the procedure is directly correlated with the required chair time to stabilize the situation. As such costs for the procedure will vary for individuals based upon the severity of the issue. However, as a general rule, each of these visits may cost about the same as a medium to large dental filling. A full course of non-surgical treatment being approximately the same fee as a single ‘dental crown’.

What Will I Get Back From My Health Fund?

Health fund rebates vary significantly from patient to patient based upon your chosen fund and level of ancillary cover. As such it is recommended that you present the outlined treatment plan to your fund before the commencement of treatment. .


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As the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane certainly lives up to the high expectations of locals and tourists alike. Although it is the most populated city in the state with over 2.3M residents, locals of Brisbane are well looked after and entertained with major sporting events, live theatre, cultural events, music concerts/festivals and a lot more happening here in “Bris Vegas”. There truly is something for everyone in this beautiful southeast city of Queensland; for art fanatics, the Gallery of Modern Art is the biggest of its kind in Australia and hosts large shows and grand exhibitions, while the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in South Bank keeps enthusiasts of opera, ballet, classical music and live theatre thoroughly entertained. Some of the many points of interest, particularly for tourists, include City Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parkland, Portside Wharf and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The amenities offered by the city, combined with gorgeous housing and stunning views of the Story Bridge over Brisbane River make it an irreplaceable home for those who are lucky to live here.

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